How data, hard facts, and numbers influence the world

By the Editor-in-Chief


Leadership from the top requires us to be diligent in our approach as to how we collect information, and how that information is disseminated.


But why do we need hard facts? In order to make an impact, we need indisputable information. In today’s data-driven world we are influenced in many ways, communication being our biggest influencer. But how we communicate our ideas is relevant to our achievements and advancement. Data is a strategic way to communicate efficiently and effectively. This is how we make real impact!


Data collection has lead to advancement in technology, how we structure organizations, how the economy is refined and valued, and how our society functions as a whole. We have become a data-driven marketplace that drives all industries. Business decisions are now based on data; it’s the science of management that leads to purposeful action.


Data influences and targets specifically and measurably. What products are put in front of you, what shows you’ll watch, what foods you eat, and where your favorite vacation spots are. Basically, the collection of data based on your lifestyle is a predictive analysis of what supplies your specific demand. What we use and when we use it are key indicators to supply when it’s actually needed, reducing oversupply and optimizing profits. The convergence of these facets has resulted in rapid advancement on a global scale.


The way we problem solve to assist in humanitarian aid has increased our response time, and our ability to supply aid effectively. In shaping human geography, we can now predict patterns of mobility.


The collection of data, however, is my biggest concern. It is served to us on a silver platter. We like, comment, search, upload photos, and tag friends in an unforeseen world of transparency and vulnerability. We are thrown into a seemingly innocent world of usage and services that collects us.


But with all of this data, most of it driven by products and economics, we are no longer just trading money and stocks. We are now trading information. We are collecting and mining data that tracks our every move, creating banks of sensitive information. The question now becomes, how do we protect that data?

And why were some of my text in this article emphasized? It is the new way to digital marketing in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). No longer do we have to put up billboards, we can be found just by the words we use, or keywords as we call it, and others will find us.

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