By Marcia N Smith-Howard


These are interesting times in which we live. An epidemiologist’s dream as oftentimes, pandemics are viewed from historical references, but everyone in public health has a front-row seat to the ever-developing and possibly mutating COVID-19 pandemic. There are no proven drugs for the treatment of this virus, so at the moment, prevention looks like the best alternative to a cure. To date, there are no cures for colds and flu, as a result of that, we look to the immune system to get the job of protection, done. With 2nd and 3rd waves predicted to be on the way, the advice of the Father of medicine looks like wisdom at the moment.

Zinc is needed for good health. It’s one of those nutrients that offers cross purpose throughout the body and can be found in every cell. With the loss of taste and smell listed as a symptom of COVID-19, could taking Zinc be a possible fix? A Zinc deficiency has been linked to severe immune function, affects how neurons communicate with each other and how memories are formed. Zinc is also responsible for the stimulation of 100 different enzymatic functions in the human body and so much more.

It is needed for cell growth and division, metabolization of carbohydrates and it also works in the protection against colds and flu along with the prevention and treatment pneumonia. It is found in foods such as shellfish (best source-raw oysters), chickpeas and legumes, meats like pork and beef, and some nuts. Vegetarians and vegans need to increase their plant-based sources as they do not have adequate amounts. Daily recommended dosage – 10 mg on average / daily



Marcia is a life, health and wellness coach, and holistic nutritional therapist with a passion for the development of human resources through nutritional education. She is an entrepreneur with an MSc. in Public Health Nutrition engaging a multi-disciplined approach through health assessments and evaluations based on years of experience in the fields of holistic nutrition, natural and public health. She also specializes in the preparation and delivery of educational seminars on all aspects of health, nutrition, disease prevention, and holistic wellbeing for corporate and community-based organizations for the last 15 years. She upholds the belief that food should be our medicine as this is relevant even more so today.


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